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Telecommunications Consulting

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General and Technical Consulting and Educational Services for the Telecommunications Industry

Specializing in: networking; TCP/IP and OSI protocols; network and systems management; routing, messaging, performance analysis, standards support and interpretation.

The Company

Andromac Developments was founded in 1988 to provide clients with telecommunications consulting services. Andromac Developments is capable of providing a wide range of services to meet the unique requirements of each client. For example:

Why Retain Andromac Developments?

Andromac Developments will save you money by providing efficient technical expertise, as you need it, to meet your specific requirements. The service is confidential, unbiased, objective and professional. Andromac Developments will save you money in telecommunications by showing you how an efficient network solution can be both economical and provide the necessary performance. Work is carried out in a manner that best suits the client. This can be arranged by either a single project assignment or by a retainer. Fees will be negotiated on an hourly or daily basis, or at fixed cost depending on the nature of the project and on the requirements of the individual clients. In addition, Andromac Developments has access to internationally recognized telecommunications experts in areas such as X.400 message handling systems, systems management, X.500 directory service and EDI.


John D. Rogers is a registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario, and a Chartered Engineer in England. Prior to founding Andromac Developments he was the Engineering Manager responsible for the design, procurement of new packet switching networks and services for a national carrier. These services supported of X.25, IBM SNA and asynchronous accesses. Since establishing Andromac Developments John has provided consulting services to many major clients, including BNR, Northern Telecom, the DND, Bell Canada, Telecom Canada and General Dynamics Canada (formerly CDC). John has also worked as a Director of Engineering and Chief Engineer for a number of manufacturers of telecommunications products. In addition, John has been an active participant in ITU, ISO and ANSI committees on data networks, ISDN and network management.

Consulting Activities

The following is a partial list of consulting projects performed by John Rogers: BNR: definition of OSI payload and routing protocols for the management of FiberWorld products. The DND: preparation of engineering guidelines for LANs and interworking using bridges and routers; specification of systems and network management requirements for CFFSU program. Computing Devices (CDC): Development of an architecture to support voice and data for the Iris project; network design and performance analysis, system engineering activities. Iris is a billion dollar project for the Canadian Army, which is based on TCP/IP and military X.400 MHS. Bell Canada: Development of design specifications for OAM&P applications for the Bell Canada TMN; development of OSI protocol profiles and PICS; writing and presenting papers on behalf of Bell Canada at ANSI T1M1 committee meetings. The PSC Institute: development and presentation of courses on network technologies, X.25, TCP/IP, OSI, bridges, routers, ATM, frame relay, SONET, ISDN, BISDN, DQDB and SMDS. Other clients include: DOC; Telecom Canada; British Telecom; EIC; Mitel; Northern Telecom; Harris; and NATO.


For more information, please send Email to johnrogers (at) canada (dot) com


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